What is NCLH?

National Community Learning Hubs are a grass roots volunteer initiative that is a private, community-backed members clubs, providing an alternative style of education that aims to engage learners through a holistic, aspirational, self-determined, and nurturing approach. We aim to create a learning environment that brings possibilities for everyone to thrive, evolve and fulfil their unique potential. It is our mission to empower learners of today and of future generations, whilst providing them with the skills necessary to co-create a happier, kinder, emotionally literate future for the generations to come.  Educators covering many topics and interests will be available to learners of all ages who can book sessions via our website. Educational sessions on a variety of topics can be accessed via attending a local hub or online sessions for individuals or groups. Local community hubs will be also open for NCLH learners to attend educational & social sessions alongside a variety of other activities.  NCLH is run solely by Natural Law.

Free Education Sessions
Easter Break
Monday 4th April – Thursday 14th April

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Please drop us a message on our main telegram group if you are interested in being an Educator with NCLH and offer free Easter taster sessions. You will get free access to the platform and our only caveat is that you provide us with feedback after each use of the platform. Thank you from NCLH Fellowship.

Hi my name is Kerry. I am a mother of three, a counsellor and an educator. I work in a holistic way to encourage the comprehension of thoughts, feelings and how to express them. After years of working in traditional counselling, I combine psychology, life experience and critical thinking to educate youngsters about mental health […]
Hi beautiful souls! We are Gillian and Davie and we are absolutely delighted to be part of NCLH to change the face of ‘education’ for the better! We are 16 years married and live with our two little ones Richie and Ruby, who are 5 and 7 and our furry little ones, including our dog, […]
Hi My name is Aggie. When I retired from teaching I became an holistic therapist, studying and practising several healing modalities including Reiki, EFT, Access Consciousness bars and body processes, elemental healing and my favourite, Laughter Therapy. I have developed workshops for adults and little ones to help you stay young, declutter your mind, body […]
Since teaching myself to play the recorder at the age of 5, music is my passion. It has a universal language and everybody relates to it, whether through listening to a favourite band, genre or playing a specific instrument. Music is with us every day. I can offer individual sessions on violin, piano, keyboard, saxophone, […]
Does your son or daughter struggle to learn to read, or write or spell words correctly? Are they Dyslexic or do you suspect they might be? ​They may need to be specifically taught the mechanics of how words are constructed in order to understand how to write and spell and therefore decode words on their […]
It is with all the joy in my heart to share with you my passion, the Hawaiian Hula. Hula is the tropical dance from Hawaiʻi, that enlivens your senses, makes your heart flutter and brings a huge smile to your face. Hula is a fantastic experience.As well as great exercise; morals, kindness, love for oneself […]
Mind-Wellness & Meditation Educator | Soul-Story Intuitive Energy Healer | Celebrant Soul Remembrance Services – Soul-Self Alchemy & Ascension Education ~ Using mind-detoxing, mind-wellness embodying techniques and mind-body meditation. ​​​My work is primarily with women, & mothers that have a desire to resolve and heal past and present emotional challenges, through self-awareness education.  This can […]

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We are looking for:

  • Educator for GCSEs in London Borough of Hillingdon

  • Educator for Learners aged 11+ in London Borough of Hillingdon

  • Educator for bushcraft in London Borough of Hillingdon

  • General Educators for Learners Aged 4+ in Norfolk Area
  • General Educator for Learners Aged 4+ in Beith, North Ayrshire, Scotland
  • Educators to help in our learning hub in DY14 area of Midlands.

    Please email [email protected]

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