Educator Aggie

Educator Aggie

Hi My name is Aggie. When I retired from teaching I became an holistic therapist, studying and practising several healing modalities including Reiki, EFT, Access Consciousness bars and body processes, elemental healing and my favourite, Laughter Therapy. I have developed workshops for adults and little ones to help you stay young, declutter your mind, body and spirit, sleep better, stay grounded, help bodies to stay healthy and learn to live and love in harmony with nature. I would like to share these with you.

Come Laugh With Me (Laughter truly is the best medicine):

Tuesday 5th April  7p.m -7.30 pm. Adults –

Introduction to laughter. Benefits of laughter therapy and how we can incorporate laughter into family life.

Wednesday 6th April 2.45-3.00 pm. All ages –

Things we do in a laughter session. e.g. we laugh, clap, talk gibberish and much more. Lots of exercises for adults and little ones to enjoy.

Thursday April 7th  2.45-3.00 pm. All ages –

Let’s all go on a laughter holiday.  Join me as we laugh our way from Africa, to Australia, on to America and if we have time we may even get to Lapland.

Friday 8th April 2.45-3.00 pm. All ages –

Shall we go on a picnic? Let’s eat a laughter sandwich, a banana and drink a milk shake.

Monday April 11th- 2.45-3.00 pm. All ages –

It’s laughter lesson time. On the schedule we have laughter maths, drama and writing with our nose.

Tuesday April 12th- 2.45-3.00 pm.  All ages –

Time to exercise. Laughter swimming,  weight lifts and jumping out our jitters.

Wednesday April 13th- 2.45-3.00 pm. All ages –

Let’s finish our laughter time together with a party. We will need to blow up balloons and organise some laughter ice-cream.

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