Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Ask Questions (FAQs)

What are the benefits of establishing an NCLH Hub in my area?

NCLH is a community project that works together to benefit ALL of us for the future? Everything we do is about our securing our future as a whole.

Establishing a Hub or linking your pre existing educational facility with NCLH will expose you to other similar minded souls who are each in their own geographic locations. As a result you will be able to benefit from sharing resources, ideas and marketing budgets. You will be able to gain a strong purchasing power for buying software licences, books, materials etc. Materials can be bought free or at cost. NCLH believe community is absolutely one of the most important things for all of us to have a beautiful life so get involved with a grass roots movement that is really bringing change to our communities.

What are the benefits of learning with NCLH?

Learners with NCLH have the option to learn about a range of topics that consists of more choice than the bog standard academic offerings? You can learn in your own time and in your own way? After all everyone has different methods to retain information. Our learners will be involved in a community of learners who care about the world they live in? Would you like to support an initiative that is actually supporting the creation of local educational hubs? Rather than get a tutor or a teacher whose only aim is making money for themselves, why not be a part of the NCLH initiative where you know the money you spend is going towards the continued education of your community.

What are the benefits of becoming an NCLH Educator?

An NCLH Educator will experience many benefits from working with us. The most important gain is the ability to reach all communities and learners throughout the country: sharing your skill and knowledge with youngsters and adults who will be able to achieve an education at an affordable rate for them. You will be helping to make this happen for many communities as we build our hubs in every location.

When you contribute the percentage each month to NCLH you will be able to relax in the knowledge that your IT infrastructure installation, maintenance and support is covered. All costs for the website and marketing for your educational services are met. Admin fees and customer services is covered too, along with sales and branding. There are no staff to manage and train. So all you have to do is focus on who and what you want to share with your learners and enjoy what you do best. You will get paid and and have no overheads which saves you time and energy. All that energy saved can be placed to ultimately benefit our NCLH learners who are a very important part of our future world.

How do the hubs work with NCLH?

Hubs that work collaboratively with NCLH and align with our mission can consider themselves to be part of the NCLH initiative. This involves attending meetings, sharing ideas and resources and contributing 21% weekly/monthly towards NCLH to help us open other hubs and in doing so, also receiving the benefits of membership.

Where can I learn about Natural/Common Law?

If you look in our resources section there is a video by Mark Passio that explains natural/common law.

Who are the NCLH committee?

The committee is made up of volunteers from all over the British Isles. There is a core group who have continued to push through all the challenges and have ultimately completed the offering which is presented here today. We are Mums and Dads who wanted our offspring and yours to have a method of learning that is made up specifically for their needs.

How long has NCLH been established?

NCLH has been established since mid 2021. Due to officially launch in June 2022 after many months of planning and organising.

Does NCLH have social media?

Yes, you will find NCLH on Telegram, Gettr, Facebook, Instagram, Twitter. Look for NCLHubs or follow us on our links at the bottom right of the page.

Who do I contact to have a conversation about NCLH?

You can send us an email to ………… can give us a call ……………………… you can message an admin in your local telegram group

How can I start a National Community Learning Hub in my area?

You can gather some Mums and Dads and any willing adults in your area. Then find premises where you can meet and take it from there. NCLH can help with this so if this interests you then please contact us and we will be able to guide you.

What is the NCLH extra % voluntary contribution used for?

NCLH is a community based project for people of all ages that aim to provide facilities to learn online and at physical hubs. The extra % voluntary contribution is used to maintain the website, pay for building, buying or renting appropriate premises to set up learning hubs.

What is the 21% NCLH administration fee used for?

NCLH is a community based project for people of all ages that aim to provide facilities to learn online and at physical hubs. The 21% voluntary contribution is used to maintain the website, pay for building, buying or renting appropriate premises to set up learning hubs.

Where is the National Community Learning Hub near me?

NCLH aim to run learning hubs all over the UK. Currently we have three hubs. These are based in Nottinghamshire, Shropshire and Ayrshire, Scotland. If you contact NCLH we will help you to find your local hub.

Where do you hold the face to face education sessions?

Educational sessions will be held at a learning hub near you or at a location of your choice. This is an agreement you will have with the educator themselves or the learning hub facilitators.

How does payment work?

Learners will choose the Educator and the topic that suits them and will make the booking and payment online at the same time. This will then be paid to the Educator at the end of each month minus 21% administration for National Community Learning Hubs. So you will know that every session you book with NCLH will be helping to grow this community project across the country. This means that in every town there will be a learning hub for the community.

Do the Educators need to have specific qualifications?

No, the Educators are people with a particular skill or expertise in an area of their choosing. However, some may have a relevant qualification in the topic that they offer. NCLH aim to link educators with learners and they make their own contract for working together.

How long are the Sessions?

Sessions can be any length of time depending on the topic, the educators method of working, the age of the learner. On average the sessions are 30 minutes to an hour. Sometimes there will be bitesize courses of 15 minutes. It is a very individual experience depending on the requirements of the educators and learners.

Will my son/daughter still be able to gain qualifications (GCSE’s and A Levels)?

Yes your son/daughter can study for exams while with NCLH. There are educators who have experience in this course. Exams can be privately booked and sat at different areas of the country.

How much will it cost to learn at a National Community Learning Hub?

Every Learning Hub run by NCLH will have a different cost to attend depending on your area, number of attendees, cost of premises etc.

How much will it cost to learn online with an NCLH Educator?

Educators can determine the cost per session whether it is online, offline or at a location. They can set their own rates per session between £8 or up to £99.

NCLH recommended average rates:

Private 1-1:       £15/hr session
Groups of 10:    £3.00/hr session
Larger groups:  £2.00/hr session

NCLH is a community project catering for all families that need assistance for their young learners in Great Britain. We would like to make this affordable to all.  In order for us to reach as many families as possible we ask the educators to be mindful of this fact when setting their fees. We suggest that where possible you could offer some or all sessions at a minimum cost of £8 per session and if you feel that you can offer free sessions then please do so.  

What age group can NCLH educate?

NCLH offer education for all age groups from 0-100 years

How long have you been putting this together?

We have been developing NCLH since early 2021. Most of this time has been in the planning stages as we want this to be just right for all.

NCLH is a private grass roots led membership group.
Government agents of any kind are not permitted to be on this site.
We converse with you as man or woman.

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