Educator Kerry

Educator Kerry

Hi my name is Kerry.

I am a mother of three, a counsellor and an educator.

I work in a holistic way to encourage the comprehension of thoughts, feelings and how to express them.

After years of working in traditional counselling, I combine psychology, life experience and critical thinking to educate youngsters about mental health and to equip them with tools to support their mental well-being. Listening to youngsters is often overlooked and feeling heard is so important when growing up. Empowering our sons and daughters to be free to express themselves, being listened to and feel they are able to speak about their feelings and to explore them is vital and enables a healthy mind.

Sessions – what to expect?

A weekly group activity of mental health and wellbeing sessions.

Some examples of what we will discuss and explore

What are emotions?

Circle of worry (thoughts, feelings and behaviours, all linked)

Challenging negative thoughts

Building confidence

Journaling for well-being

Meditation and mindfulness

Breathing techniques to support well being

Taster session on 6th April at 2.30 pm (45 mins)

Has your son or daughter become withdrawn, or have they displayed a change in their mood? Have they experienced a life event or change which has affected them? If you are concerned, maybe talking therapy may help:

Talking therapy can be family sessions or 1 to 1 for your son or daughter.

The aim is to provide a safe space to identify thoughts, feelings and behaviours. To talk about worries and issues that may be difficult to discuss with friends and loved ones.

I will facilitate a non-judgemental environment that will allow openness, honesty and support.

Taster sessions are available on 7th,13th and 14th April for 30 minutes each at 2.30pm and 3.30pm,

Monday 4th April- taster for workshops about mental well-being Ages 11+

6th, 7th and 13th April- 1 to 1 taster therapy/mentoring sessions 30 mins each available 2.30-4pm (3 slots per day)

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