Educator Julie

Educator Julie

Since teaching myself to play the recorder at the age of 5, music is my passion. It has a universal language and everybody relates to it, whether through listening to a favourite band, genre or playing a specific instrument. Music is with us every day.

I can offer individual sessions on violin, piano, keyboard, saxophone, clarinet or recorder, guitar or Bass guitar. I can also offer smaller groups sessions on recorder or violin. Each session is guided by the learner/learners depending on how and what they want to learn.

I will be exploring the history of music, investigating the different composers from the Baroque period through to the present day.  I will show how Baroque is still used in today’s music.  There will also be sessions offering  assistance with reading music and explaining the theory behind it.

The sessions will take place online:

Baroque Era Monday 11th 10.00 -11.00 am

Violin Session 12..00 -1.00pm

Classical Era/Romantic Era Wednesday 13th 10.00 -11.00 am

Violin Session 12.00-1.00pm

Popular Music/Film Music Thursday 14th 10.00 -11.00 am

Guitar Session 12.00-1.00-pm

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