Are you seeking new ways of educating your young ones? Do you feel the need to alter the method of learning to enable the young learner’s true self to be realised? Maybe you have just begun to question the educational process or you have been pondering on this topic for a while. Maybe the learning environment that your young learner has been attending doesn’t suit them, or if it did before maybe you have noticed that things are very different now and this environment no longer serves its purpose. Maybe you have figured what it is that you no longer want and need in the process of learning but don’t know what it is that you do want therefore creating an abyss. This may leave you with many questions and concerns as to how you move forward in this new earth we are all creating.

The National Community Learning Hubs, known as NCLH, has been set up to assist the educational journey of your young learners. We provide a very individual way of learning with a mix of online and physical educational settings in one of your local community hubs. You can choose the method of learning that works best for your young learners and meets your needs by finding the right educators for their style of learning. There are many topics that you can study either for pure enjoyment purposes or if you feel that certain skills need to be acquired for a certain career choice. Both online and physical learning sessions can be applied to your weekly schedule.

For example, one 14 year old NCLH learner from Somerset makes up her week by studying English online, Science using a folder and sending off the hard copies for marking, Maths on a 1:1 basis, Spanish using an app and an individual educator online. Other activities fill her week such as 1:1 Guitar lessons and attending a rock wall climbing group. The rest of the time is spent attending church and a girls group plus mixing with friends and family. Reading is an important part of her daily routine too. Of course, the daily chores is a must but not considered to be such a high priority!

NCLH have Educators waiting to provide this service to meet all your family’s needs and as we are a community driven venture run by Common/Natural Law, we aim to provide a resource that is available to all members of the community of all ages. Therefore, we give information and guidance to all Educators as to the cost of their sessions. Educators have also agreed to abide by the NCLH mission statement and they have the same values and dreams that NCLH are working towards for our communities. The Educators that we have found for you are passionate beings with a revolutionary approach to this new way of learning.

NCLH is a private grass roots led membership group.
Government agents of any kind are not permitted to be on this site.
We converse with you as man or woman.

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