Educator Kerry

Hi my name is Kerry.

I am a mother of three, a counsellor and an educator.

I work in a holistic way to encourage the comprehension of thoughts, feelings and how to express them.

After years of working in traditional counselling, I combine psychology, life experience and critical thinking to educate youngsters about mental health and to equip them with tools to support their mental well-being. Listening to youngsters is often overlooked and feeling heard is so important when growing up. Empowering our sons and daughters to be free to express themselves, being listened to and feel they are able to speak about their feelings and to explore them is vital and enables a healthy mind.

Sessions – what to expect?

A weekly group activity of mental health and wellbeing sessions.

Some examples of what we will discuss and explore

What are emotions?

Circle of worry (thoughts, feelings and behaviours, all linked)

Challenging negative thoughts

Building confidence

Journaling for well-being

Meditation and mindfulness

Breathing techniques to support well being

Taster session on 6th April at 2.30 pm (45 mins)

Has your son or daughter become withdrawn, or have they displayed a change in their mood? Have they experienced a life event or change which has affected them? If you are concerned, maybe talking therapy may help:

Talking therapy can be family sessions or 1 to 1 for your son or daughter.

The aim is to provide a safe space to identify thoughts, feelings and behaviours. To talk about worries and issues that may be difficult to discuss with friends and loved ones.

I will facilitate a non-judgemental environment that will allow openness, honesty and support.

Taster sessions are available on 7th,13th and 14th April for 30 minutes each at 2.30pm and 3.30pm,

Monday 4th April- taster for workshops about mental well-being Ages 11+

6th, 7th and 13th April- 1 to 1 taster therapy/mentoring sessions 30 mins each available 2.30-4pm (3 slots per day)

Educators Gillian & David

Hi beautiful souls! We are Gillian and Davie and we are absolutely delighted to be part of NCLH to change the face of ‘education’ for the better! We are 16 years married and live with our two little ones Richie and Ruby, who are 5 and 7 and our furry little ones, including our dog, cat, and hamster, however we would love to rescue more!

We have worked in mainstream education for 16 years now in varying roles including: primary teacher, early years teachers, social care worker and inclusion support worker. We have seen first-hand the damage that mainstream education has done to learners – including our own! This experience has been the driving force in our endeavours to create sustainable change.

We are hugely passionate about supporting learners to reach their full potential, through what they do best – PLAY! We lovingly respect our youngsters as truly empowered beings who are naturally curious and inquisitive about the wonders and magic of life. We aspire to tune into learner’s individual interests, through play partnership, to extend and challenge in the moment with loving guidance, when needed.

We believe that our young ones are intrinsically linked with nature through their heart, mind and soul. Through meaningful connections, a love of all aspects of nature is cultivated through living and experiencing the power and magic it presents.

Young ones learn best when there are opportunities for each individual to explore what motivates them through real life experiences such as from seed to table growing and cooking, woodwork and sewing skills. We fully believe that learning new concepts will take time, which we will support and extend where appropriate for the individual. Practice and struggle are celebrated, perseverance when concepts are tricky will be supported by nurturing adults.

We are delighted to provide a variety of experiences for mums, dads and young learners.

We are very excited to meet and work with you all!

Much love.💖

Wonders of Nature (age 4-8 yrs):

Monday 4th April 11.00-12.00pm Wonders of Nature part 1

Monday 4th April 2.00-3.00pm Wonders of Nature part 2

Through image provocations we will discuss and share our thoughts of the amazing creations of nature! After our discussion the little ones will go out into nature (garden, park, a walk) to focus on the wonders in their local area. We will meet up later in the day to share our discoveries, reflect upon and share our findings in a way that matters to you. This may be through further discussion, photos, drawings or artifacts you have found.

Story Time (age 3-7 yrs):

Tuesday 5th April 2.00 – 3.00 pm

Would you love to hear a story? Through actively engaging in story time we will develop our listening skills by actively hearing the rhythm, structure and rhyme of the spoken word by becoming part of the story. We will further explore the story through creativity. If possible, ensure you have pens, paper and scissors at hand.

Early Numeracy Skills (adult group for ages 3-6 yrs):

Wednesday 6th April 3.00-4.00 pm

Would you like to learn more about how little ones learn through numeracy and how you could support this at home? We will look at how youngsters learn best, how we grasp numeracy concepts as a young learner and how we apply this in our learning and play. We will cover the stages of numeracy learning, considering practical play solutions to facilitate this.

Loose Parts Play – focus literacy development (adult group for ages 3 – 8 yrs):

Thursday 7th April 1.30 – 2.30 pm

Would you like to learn how to nurture the spirit of enquiry through the use of ‘intelligent materials’ to inspire your learners creativity? Little ones learn as whole beings through their heart, minds and hands in relation to being part of a whole. By exploring our creative side we increase our learning potential, support our wellbeing and enrich our quality of life. By introducing ‘loose parts’ learners are truly free to create and ‘be’. We will explore how we can introduce loose parts and how they can inspire learning.

Educator Aggie

Hi My name is Aggie. When I retired from teaching I became an holistic therapist, studying and practising several healing modalities including Reiki, EFT, Access Consciousness bars and body processes, elemental healing and my favourite, Laughter Therapy. I have developed workshops for adults and little ones to help you stay young, declutter your mind, body and spirit, sleep better, stay grounded, help bodies to stay healthy and learn to live and love in harmony with nature. I would like to share these with you.

Come Laugh With Me (Laughter truly is the best medicine):

Tuesday 5th April  7p.m -7.30 pm. Adults –

Introduction to laughter. Benefits of laughter therapy and how we can incorporate laughter into family life.

Wednesday 6th April 2.45-3.00 pm. All ages –

Things we do in a laughter session. e.g. we laugh, clap, talk gibberish and much more. Lots of exercises for adults and little ones to enjoy.

Thursday April 7th  2.45-3.00 pm. All ages –

Let’s all go on a laughter holiday.  Join me as we laugh our way from Africa, to Australia, on to America and if we have time we may even get to Lapland.

Friday 8th April 2.45-3.00 pm. All ages –

Shall we go on a picnic? Let’s eat a laughter sandwich, a banana and drink a milk shake.

Monday April 11th- 2.45-3.00 pm. All ages –

It’s laughter lesson time. On the schedule we have laughter maths, drama and writing with our nose.

Tuesday April 12th- 2.45-3.00 pm.  All ages –

Time to exercise. Laughter swimming,  weight lifts and jumping out our jitters.

Wednesday April 13th- 2.45-3.00 pm. All ages –

Let’s finish our laughter time together with a party. We will need to blow up balloons and organise some laughter ice-cream.

Educator Julie

Since teaching myself to play the recorder at the age of 5, music is my passion. It has a universal language and everybody relates to it, whether through listening to a favourite band, genre or playing a specific instrument. Music is with us every day.

I can offer individual sessions on violin, piano, keyboard, saxophone, clarinet or recorder, guitar or Bass guitar. I can also offer smaller groups sessions on recorder or violin. Each session is guided by the learner/learners depending on how and what they want to learn.

I will be exploring the history of music, investigating the different composers from the Baroque period through to the present day.  I will show how Baroque is still used in today’s music.  There will also be sessions offering  assistance with reading music and explaining the theory behind it.

The sessions will take place online:

Baroque Era Monday 11th 10.00 -11.00 am

Violin Session 12..00 -1.00pm

Classical Era/Romantic Era Wednesday 13th 10.00 -11.00 am

Violin Session 12.00-1.00pm

Popular Music/Film Music Thursday 14th 10.00 -11.00 am

Guitar Session 12.00-1.00-pm

Educator Patricia

Does your son or daughter struggle to learn to read, or write or spell words correctly?

Are they Dyslexic or do you suspect they might be?

​They may need to be specifically taught the mechanics of how words are constructed in order to understand how to write and spell and therefore decode words on their own. ​English spelling has a logic to it that’s not taught in school and there are actually very few exceptions. 

​I use a very effective comprehensive explicit multisensory phonics system (the Orton-Gillingham method) that develops excellent listening and processing skills.

​I’ve had excellent results with this approach. Your learner will come to differentiate the sounds within words and know what letter or group of letters make that sound and the different rules for their use. This ensures that not only will they be able to read better but able to write and spell words they have not seen before: and thus their confidence grows.  ​I integrate cursive handwriting with the program which will enable your offspring to write without strain and develop pride in their presentation. ​During the course of this, I also focus on sentence construction and vocabulary building to help with creative writing.


When girls and boys have completed this programme we go onto another very exciting part of the English language, which is examining English from the roots up. That is exploring the Greek and Roman root words and all their derivations. This gives them mastery over the English language. I have not met a boy or girl who does not enjoy discovering this information.

​In the case of English, the instruction is all online via video and shared screen and your son or daughter will be writing in a book. They show me their work by holding the book or whiteboard up to the camera. I use commercial activities, such as a letter tile app, and activities I have made myself to teach and enhance learning and enjoyment. 


​​​I give my learners many hands-on experiences using materials.  This ensures they have a good foundation on which to build the higher-level concepts they are being taught: and thus their confidence grows.

​In the case of Maths, we can use online commercial activities and online activities I have made myself. I will also suggest maths equipment both gathered from around the house and commercial so that your learner can have that important tactile and kinesthetic experience in order to understand the maths concepts.  Learners need to hold maths in their hands before they can hold maths in their head.

​I’ve been a teacher for almost 30 years in America and Kuwait but mainly in England. ​I now help learners as an Online Private Educator (and with face-to-face sessions for age 4-11yrs).  ​I educate the young learners in a way that’s ideal for those who are struggling because I have mild Dyslexia and Dyscalculia myself and therefore can relate to how they need to learn.


At the beginning of every session, we do some Brain Gym which consists of movements to help the mind focus and integrate the right and left brain for optimal learning. We then do some exercises to calm anxiety. 

We also may do some EFT tapping (Emotional Freedom Technique). I say a short tapping poem that incorporates all the tapping points in a fun way. If your son or daughter is emotionally stuck on an issue, especially if they have a negative self-belief about their own ability to learn, we may, with your permission, do some further tapping to help release that energy block. 


Exercises to Get Your Brain in Gear!

Dates: Daily Tuesday 5th – Friday 8th April

Time: 9.30 – 9:45 am

All Ages

Materials Needed: drinking water, some floor space.

Hands-on Maths 4-11 year-olds

Dates: 5th, 6th, 7th, 11th, 13th April
Time: 10:00 – 10:30 am

Materials Needed: A flat, smooth surface and homemade playdough made into small balls the size of a small brussel-sprout. Click this link for the homemade playdough recipe:

 See the playdough recipe

Six sessions. Each session explores different ways we can create and break apart the number. Ideally each learner will have the number of balls being used in that session. At the end of each session I will give a challenge for more exploration.

  1. 12 balls
  2. 18 balls
  3. 24 balls
  4. 30 balls
  5. 36 balls
  6. 40 balls
  7. 60 balls

Maths: For Mums and Dads – Equipment for hands-on Times Tables
HTU (base ten): The best hands-on maths equipment to buy and/or make, and how to use them.
Date: Friday 8th April
Time: 8:00 – 9:00 pm

Maths: For Mums and Dads – How to educate your young learners-4-11 year-olds
Times Tables: The best hands-on maths equipment to buy and/or make, and how to use them.
Date: Monday 11th April
Time: 8:00 – 9:00 pm

English: For Mums and Dads – How to educate your young learners with reading and writing-4-11 year-olds
Discover how to successfully educate young learners to read and write without buying workbooks and boring ‘readers’.
Date: Wednesday 13th April
Time: 8:00 – 9:00 pm

​Learning Resources

 See the playdough recipe

Educator Jo

It is with all the joy in my heart to share with you my passion, the Hawaiian Hula.

Hula is the tropical dance from Hawaiʻi, that enlivens your senses, makes your heart flutter and brings a huge smile to your face.

Hula is a fantastic experience.
As well as great exercise; morals, kindness, love for oneself & for others, love & kindness for Mother Earth and all of her elements, team spirit, community spirit, learn the aloha spirit, and more, can all be gained by joining in my sessions and through learning hula.

I have so much to share from the gentle hearted, loving Hawaiian beings, on their beautiful lands, culture, history, and their lives!

The great late Aunty Maiki Aiu Lake’s quote :
“Hula is the art of Hawaiian dance expressing all that we see, hear, feel, taste, touch and smell; Hula is life.”

All you’ll need per hula session is, enough space to move freely, loose clothing and barefoot (if possible). A notepad and pen for making notes, a towel to wipe your brow, and water available for keeping hydrated.

Let’s stay active, joyful and happy. Raising our vibrations high, and all from the comfort of our own space, wherever we are located in the universe.

I am a qualified & certified mentor of dance, with over 30 years of educational experience.

For 13 years I held sessions on the Hawaiian Hula in Japan (yes, I am fluent in Japanese too). I am now back home, in the UK, sharing the hula here locally and also worldwide; online.

Hula, for me, has been life changing….It has saved my life, seen me through some rough waters, and has also shown me some truly AMAZING times, and connected me with so many wonderful souls, all around this planet.

Hula connects us back to our souls, back to our Shen; it connects us back to nature, it grounds us. It will light a fire in your heart and will reawaken you, to remember.

Hula educates us about morals, life principles, love and respect for all beings (everything is energy, everything is alive), and it brings a spark & a twinkle to your life (as within, so without).
I know, through my own life journey, and through observing all of my learners lives too.

I am excited to share my love, my passion, my skills and experience with you all.

E hele mai.
Please come join me, everyone is welcome.

Aloha ke kahi i ke kahi,
Lehualani Hula

Hula Sessions :

Tuesday 5th April
11:15-12:00 All Ages Hawaiian Hula

Wednesday 13th April
11:15-12:00 All Ages Hawaiian Hula

Educator Lorna

Mind-Wellness & Meditation Educator | Soul-Story Intuitive Energy Healer | Celebrant

Soul Remembrance Services – Soul-Self Alchemy & Ascension Education ~ Using mind-detoxing, mind-wellness embodying techniques and mind-body meditation.

​​​My work is primarily with women, & mothers that have a desire to resolve and heal past and present emotional challenges, through self-awareness education.  This can be achieved by practising and embodying mind detoxing and mind-body wellness techniques that you can personally use and share with your family and friends.​

The premise of all my teachings is peace, learning why, and how peace with the mind, body, and life is the way to wellness. To empower YOU with meditation and mind-wellness techniques to use in daily life. Practical, repeatable resources to free up a peaceful space within your mind, even throughout your day! An ongoing salve from life’s immensely challenging and amazing times.

Mind-Body meditation is at the heart of what I also teach.

My Meditation Soul gatherings are for anyone who wishes to experience guided meditations with gentle breath, and a unique conscious aware way of experiencing peace within.

I am passionate about helping to educate you to awaken to the power of your sacred soul-self, and your potential for peace that resides within.

Peace, Love & Soul Blessings, Lorna

Easter Offering:  Meditation Soul Gathering – Experience 20-30 min guided Tranquil Mind Meditation and one or two empowering Tranquil-Mind-Wellness methods to take away.

In the session my desire for you is to help you: –

Unplug from all distractions, to plug in to your peace

​Feel a sense of immediate calm, peace, a spaciousness within the mind-body

Help raise your conscious awareness frequency

Help your mind-body to rest and recuperate. (Even 20 minutes dissolves stress in the body)

Encourage a sense of wellbeing within the body.

Session dates:  Tuesday 5th April, 10-11am, Wednesday 6th April 10-11am , Thursday April 7th  7-8pm, Friday 8th April 7-8pm

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