Our Story

A few mums and dads realised that the education system that was in place in 2019 was not heading in a positive direction. A telegram group was set up and we all got together for meetings to discuss how to move forward. Over time and many meetings our NCLH mission became real. It has been a long journey, sometimes painful and sometimes joyous. Everyone who has been involved along the journey has contributed something along the way. We have evolved over the past couple of years and after a lot of hard work we finally launched in June 2022. We are striving to open learning hubs across England, Ireland, Scotland and Wales. Currently there are three functioning hubs and we are growing. We are changing the lives of our youngsters one hub at a time!

NCLH is a private grass roots led membership group.
Government agents of any kind are not permitted to be on this site.
We converse with you as man or woman.

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