National Community Learning Hubs Guidelines for Educators

National Community Learning Hubs Guidelines for Educators

National Community Learning Hubs Guidelines for Educators:

Mission Statement:

‘National Community Learning Hubs are private, community-backed initiatives, providing an alternative approach to engaging learners through an holistic, aspirational, self-determined, and nurturing approach. We aim to create a learning environment that brings possibilities for everyone to thrive, evolve and fulfil their unique potential. It is our mission to empower future generations and provide them with the skills necessary to co-create a happier, kinder, emotionally literate future for the generations to come’.

National Community Learning Hubs bring local educators, skilled people, administrators, family members and organisers together to revolutionise the learning experience of the youth of Great Britain. Our younger generations will be able to learn as part of a community, utilising resources available in regional support hubs where they feel safe and secure in a loving and nurturing environment. Community and families collaborate to successfully meet the needs of the learners online or in the same locality, creating absolute solidarity and a complete, unified front for the people working together within a system of trust and based on Common/Natural Law.

As an educator with NCLH you can determine the cost per session whether it is online, offline or at a location. You can set your own rates per session between £8 or up to £99.

Recommended average rates:

Private 1-1:       £15/hr session
Groups of 10:    £3.00/hr session
Larger groups:  £2.00/hr session

NCLH is a new community project catering for all families that need assistance for their young learners in Great Britain. It is suggested that you remain aware that we would like to make this affordable to all.  In order for us to reach as many families as possible we ask you to be mindful of this fact when setting your fees. We suggest that where possible you could offer some or all sessions at a minimum cost of £8 per session and if you feel that you can offer free sessions then please do so.  

There will be an admin charge of 21% that is automatically applied to each booked session. This will be calculated at the end of the month and deducted before funds are transferred to your account at the end of each month.

As NCLH is a community project all funds go towards locating premises and building a whole new system for the education of future generations.

If you would like to support this cause by choosing to give voluntary fees of more than 21% then you can add the extra percentage that you would like to contribute and this can be changeable month by month by simply altering your profile.

Any cancellation of sessions made by the learner up to 7 days in advance of the booked session will be allowed by the educator free of charge.  However, cancellations with less than 7 days notice will not be refunded.  This not only allows the educator to fill that space, if they so wish, we feel this is equitable to both yourself as the educator and the individual learner.

NCLH is a private grass roots led membership group.
Government agents of any kind are not permitted to be on this site.
We converse with you as man or woman.

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