Educator Uzma

Educator Uzma

As a mum with a son on the autism spectrum, I have spent many years educating him. Seeing him progress in his academic, behavioural, social and emotional development has been so rewarding.

I personally struggled when every single school didn’t believe in his ability, simply because he was unable to read at a certain age.

Since then, I took ownership of his learning and have witnessed him flourish.

This taught me so much about how a little one can develop organically if we provide them with the right environment.

Holistic education allows space for curiosity, which encourages learners to make connections in their learning using creative skills, thus making learning natural and engaging.

I see many mums and dads struggling with their sons and daughters who may have intellectual/developmental struggles.

The emotional overwhelm often doesn’t allow space for clarity hence feeling lost in creating a system that may not work for the learner.

Through coaching and mentoring, mums and dads can thrive once they have worked through a mindset shift, set goals and established a routine and worked on a methodology that is bespoke for them as a family.

My biggest vision is to help motive and empower all mums and dads to help them thrive whilst educating their young ones. Encouraging and supporting them to advocate on behalf of their young learners with regards to an inclusive education.

It is important for us as grown ups to trust them and follow their lead.

I work closely with mums and dads through my 12 week program which sets up the right environment for their son or daughter. This will allow them to learn and grow independently.

Sessions for mentoring mums/dads with learners who need educational assistance:

Friday 8th April 9.00am – Mentoring mums/dads with learners who need educational assistance

Saturday 9th April 9.00-10.00 am Mentoring mums/dads with learners who need educational assistance

Sunday 10th April 9.00-10.00am Mentoring mums/dads with learners who need educational assistance

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